The Great Reset

An opportunity to Implement the Great Reset not just through government policy, also through social media influencers, & new communication means.

*In the Process of still building, finalized results/ direction to be posted in summer 2021*

World Governing Organiaziton ->

World Economic Forums – Great Reset Agenda – >

IMF – International Monetary Fund 2020 Report ->

An Opportunity to Incentive a Return to Tradition in the Digital Age via encouraging new

Tribes, Cultures, Kingdoms, Hierarchies

By Introducing the best of Blockchain/VR/AR/Longevity/Social Media Platforms/Newly Empowered Humans.

Union with the World Economic Forum & United Nations.

Step 1

Suggest policies and plans to the World economic Forum, / United Nations / USA Government for prioritization of Anti-Aging/Human Longevity, Space Promotion, Health Reconfiguration.

Date -> End of 2020.

Step 2

Promote, interview, top scientists/ professionals in the field, in order to keep the public engaged, learn how to best support.
Crypto/VR/AR/FlyingCars/processing power.

Date -> Monthly Updates 2021-2022

Step 3

Give updates / Promote World Economic Forum Leader’s efforts in philanthropy, and humanitarian purposes. Give the world leaders of today a better way to interact with their political base through social media.

Date -> 2022-> Onwards

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