An Idea- Great Health Longevity Project

A Page to Profile the ‘How’ a Large scale effort towards the biggest Human Longevity Project could be Financed & carried out.

*2020-2021 Research phase to catalog all existing efforts, & provide comprehensive updates for the best way forward *

An Open Proposed Project for the Federal Reserve to Invest 600 Billion Dollars to Create a Great Human Longevity Project

For the First Time in Human History we have the opportunity to unite to tackle the largest problem Humanity has ever faced – aging.
Let the defining project of the Great Reset, be uniting the worlds resources for a 10 year Global Project to restructure and resource the best of the worlds resources towards getting results in the field of anti-aging/human longevity. Target year around ~ 2032

Give Funding to –>


Dr. Arthur Levinson

(Crypt Comp)

US – Department of Health and Human Services.

Google Corporations Amazing Efforts

Alignment with Xprize

Books –
Quest for Immortality – book –


Youtube Channels
Aging Reversed –

Materials for Presentation so far.

–> The Business of Being Born Documentary

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