~The Great Reset ~ Digital Traditionalism & Rvturn to Nature Movement~

Digital Traditionalism & Rvturn to Nature Movement

10x your Growth, Dreams, & Quality of Life, through Humanitarian Cooperation, using completely new ‘Thinking systems implementation’, Memology science, & Transformation Economy ethical techniques from its founder.

Experienced, tried and true growth, centering around ‘soft cultural power’ & bottom up growth strategies, already having created tens of millions dollars for the market, personal transformations for spiritual, financial transformations for mediocre individuals to objectively top performers.

Blockchain Fundraiser [on Mirror finished November 15th] ->

Youtube Videos-

Longevity Bill-
Health Longevity Bill – Google Docs

Lean Business plan for VR/Blockchain/Ai-Backed NFT Marketplace->

Metaverse Powerpoint- [November 15th finish date]

The Causes in ~ 2030-2040
Seeking Funding humanitarian promotion campaign supporting ->

1) Longevity/Graceful Aging Research

2) Space Promotion / Making Life Multiplanetary
3) Hub of Technologies
4) Working with the World Economic Forum/United Nations for Synchronization of World Direction
5) Alignment of Financial/Production Incentives/Metrics in all areas

~Life is a Beautiful, Wholesome Wealth Creation Game and Improving Process, Lets celebrate that fact together. ~

The world has changed for the better in 2020, further integrating itself to the Digital Era.

New Hub of technologies
Hopefully Starbase, Miami
Email – vidaskulbis
^ All emails will be answered 2021 24-72hr response time
Phone number (708)-374-0628

~ Motivated ~ Skilled ~ Under & Above Ground ~

The World is reforming itself by implementing the best of technology and the Internet Age, with the best of Politics and Entertainment.

Patreon Link–>


Bringing together the 15-30 best Social Influencers and Vloggers to research, delegate, and lay the foundations to be able to implement the solutions to societies bottlenecks towards exponential gain.

2) Develop relationships, & understanding of Blockchain, AI, & Virtual Reality technology new products/ (Oculus/VR/AR/DriverlessCars/mRNAvaccines)

3) Offer Services in promotion & long term collaboration for mutual financial gains


#1 Best way to help is to help Financial Basics. in 2021. –> 3 month goal for $10k

Proactively Finance/Contribute for faster speed in 2021!
1) Simply cover hosts monthly/yearly expenses Venmo –> @sevastian-v -or- cashapp @FortunaSails to for either next steps, ‘internet landscape konwledge’ techniques to grow internet communities, comraderie.
2) Join the Telegram Group –> https://gum.co/MNbfxl
3) Patreon https://www.patreon.com/vivala_vida

The Plan

The Policies

New Bold Ideas in La Politic
Legislation solutions for The United States Government, as well as the World Economic Forum will be proposed 2020 end.

Seeking & proposing open and trust based relationship.

Global solutions

Vidas Kulbis Contact
  • vidasakulbis@gmail.com
Proactive Advise/Initiatives are welcomed.

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