The Ultimate Guide to Freeing yourself from Smoking, Alcohol, Pornography, Television Addiction.

This is a writing mostly inspired by Allen Carrs – How to stop smoking the easy way.

There is the willpower method, most often used in by many aself improvment thikner, then there is the self image/Mental model way, to stop smoking.

We are in the age, where mental models are still being made, such as James Clears ____ and Ludwigs _____.

Both great.

I’d like to propose a new mental model Kulbis? Easy way? Posidons Mental Model. Still thinking of the name.

This article and corresponding video will teach you how to stop all of these addicitions, for good, in 3 days.

  1. The Worst addict you’ve met
  2. The Easyway ( explananiton source )
  3. Why is it difficult to stop?
  4. The Sinister Trap
  5. Why we smoke///?
  6. Nicotine Addictions.
  7. Brainwashing and Sleeping Partner
  8. Relieving Withdrawal Pangs
  9. Stress
  10. Boredom
  11. Concetration
  12. Relaxation
  13. What am I giving up?
  14. Self – Imposed Slavery
  15. 1’ll save 4x Every Week
  16. Health
  17. Energy
  18. It relaxes you and gives you confidence?
  19. Those sinister Black Shadows
  20. The Advantages of being ______
  21. The Willpower method of stopping.
  22. Beware of Cutting Down
  23. Just one Ciggarette
  24. The Secret Smoker..

On the Shortness of Life. – ” a life is considered short due to its own vices” –> look up the quote.

The misconceptions about an all Coomers. Vices.

A short summary of every single Cue/ and its elimination.

Gets to the source, the DESIRE! to smoke, PArtake in any of these Vices.

The Addictions, and propagandists, have used these methods, in order to create LIFETIME CUSTOMERS!
This will remove the desire,from your mind, but how? Read on!

Watch the rest of the video!

With the elimination of all of these vices, you will notice, that you become literally a superhero! Objectively, all of your relationships, habits, finances, will improve every month.

I know because It happened to me! ( Orgin Story ) There was a period of time where I was broke, addicted to drugs, and I strongly disliked myself. the absolutel best thing, and a reson you should want this very strongly! badly! Is because you will experience a RUSH! an EXPLOSION! of positive confidence and willpower. Most likely about 7x the amount of confidence you had before.
IT truly is a great feeling, and theres almost absolutley no! substitude, for having this freedom! from SLAVERY!

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