~ VivalaVida ~
Join the Quest For The Great American Reset

Join a developing team devoted to having fun by solving the worlds most pressing problems while introducing the best of new technologies in the future ages to come.
Seeking funding / creating legislation for bipartisan support towards implementing solutions of primarily –

1) Anti Ageing/Human Longevity
2) Space Exploration and promotion.
3) Anti-Pornography

4) Policy suggestions to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’
5) Alignment of Financial Incentives in all areas

America has changed for the better in 2020, further integrating itself to the Digital Era.

Underground ~ Politically Motivated ~ Skilled ~ Bodybuilders

King Culture

The world is ready for dramatic change.
The World can reform itself by implementing the best of technology and the Digital Age, with the best of Politics and Entertainment.

Join the Telegram Group –> https://gum.co/MNbfxl

The Plan ->
1) Bringing together the 5-7 best Social Influencers and Vloggers to research, delegate, and lay the foundations to be able to implement the solutions to societies bottlenecks towards exponential gain.
2) Develop relationships, & understanding of Blockchain, AI, & Virtual Reality technology new products/ (Oculus/VR/AR/DriverlessCars/mRNAvaccines)
3) Offer Services in promotion & long term collaboration for mutual financial profits.

Teams & Long Term Deadlines to be set by end of 2020
(Published here)

Email – sapienascendant@gmail.com
^ Active November-December2020 ^
Email for face-to-face consultation.

*More to come to this website.

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The Plan

The Policies

New Bold Ideas in La Politic
Legislation solutions for The United States Government, as well as the World Economic Forum will be proposed 2020 end.

Seeking & proposing open and trust based relationship.

Global solutions

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Join the Telegram Group –> https://gum.co/MNbfxl

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